In 2006, New Zealander Steve Benseman formed Fire Suppression Systems in New Zealand. With his past experience of installing and maintaining mobile fire equipment, and his extensive mechanical background, Steve is knowledgeable in both fire suppression and machinery - giving you absolute trust in Fire Suppression Systems.

Here at Fire Suppression Systems, we use the Sandvik FS1000 fixed fire suppression system for mobile plant and equipment. The primary function of this system is to protect the operator. The Sandvik FS1000 system is pre-engineered, self-contained and requires no electrical, pneumatic or gas cartridge activation devices.

The FS1000 greatly reduces risk to people and property by providing effective fire protection and, therefore, safer operating conditions.

The Sandvik FS1000 is a foam water spray suppression system, specifically designed to suppress hydrocarbon fuel and oil fires. Foam will cut off the oxygen supply, act as a vapour seal over the fuel and, at the same time, cool the area due to the water content in the foam. This greatly reduces risk of re-ignition.

Unlike powder systems, the Sandvik FS1000 foam spray system does not cause a powder cloud around the protected plant that can impair operators' vision as they try to evacuate from the machine. This also means the foam spray is easily cleaned up without using harsh corrosives.

The patented FS1000 Fire Suppression System is easily installed on almost any type of diesel powered mobile or stationary equipment and vehicles. At Fire Suppression Systems, we offer a full range of fire suppression systems for the following surface and underground applications:
     - Mining/resource industries
     - Construction
     - Drilling
     - Forestry

The simplicity of the system makes the FS1000 one of the most reliable, easily serviced and cost effective fire suppression systems available. Give us a call or email today to discuss your company's needs.


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