Fire Suppression Systems use Sandvik FS1000, a foam water spray suppression system designed for on-board fire suppression on vehicles, mobile or transportable equipment and the protection of the personnel operating these machines. Foam provides the most effective way to extinguish a fire.

The Sandvik FS1000 fire suppression system is suitable for equipment used in underground and surface mining, exploration, construction, forestry, agriculture, transportation and materials handling. The system has been specifically designed to suppress hydrocarbon fuel and oil fires by application of a film forming foam through a series of strategically placed spray nozzles. System layout and coverage is determined by an individual fire risk assessment for each system installation.

There are three ways the FS1000 system can be activated - manually by operating a large valve handle on one of the manual activation modules. Two manual activation points are provided as a minimum. One is located in the driver cabin, the second externally, accessible from ground level. It can be activated automatically by the fire detection and system activation tubing. This auto-detect and activation tube is made from a synthetic material which is designed to melt at approximately 150 degrees celsius. The resulting pressure drop in the activation circuit initiates the system discharge.
All nozzles, fittings and valves are made from corrosion resistant brass.

The Sandvik FS1000 fire suppression system operates on pressure differential and not numerous moving or sliding parts, therefore requires minimal maintenance. It can be recharged easily using clean water, foam concentrate and Nitrogen gas. Clean up after a system discharge requires a little more than hosing down with water, giving you a system with almost no downtime and very low running costs.

All Sandvik fire suppression personnel take part in regular training sessions and suitably trained and qualified personnel are issued with an accreditation certificate as proof of their competency.

Fire Suppression Systems can also provide you with a range of hand held and mobile fire extinguishers for any type of application.
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