Fire Suppression Systems install, maintain and repair mobile fire suppression equipment. 
We provide a 24 hour emergency service throughout New Zealand.

We specialise in installing the Sandvik FS1000 fixed fire suppression system on mobile plant and equipment. We can easily install this foam water spray suppression system on almost any type of diesel powered mobile or stationary equipment and vehicles. Our customers include mining, construction, forestry, exploration, agriculture and transportation.

Fire Suppression Systems service all types and brands of systems, including dry powder systems. With 15 years experience, Fire Suppression Systems is the most experienced fire suppression company in New Zealand.

Fire Suppression Systems can also provide you with a range of hand held and mobile fire extinguishers for any type of application, including large capacity foam type MOB50 or MOB80 mobile fire extinguishers. 

For all your fire suppression needs, contact Fire Suppression Systems today.

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